The Worlds Ember.

Steeped in a history of warfare and turmoil. Runelean is a fantastic place where giants, men, and all sorts of creatures great and small once battled for control of the land. For ages now the hostilities remained dormant, though scatterings of those once great creatures still roam the land, reminding all of a time where man did not rule the province.

In the two great cities of the Ravenclaw and Ereborne, the people can not rest, embroiled as they are in fear and superstition. Nobles squabble among one another, for where there has always been a true successor to the throne, they have now been lost.

Now. The throne sits empty, with many fighting to claim it as their own, and many believe that the true successor to the throne will come back one day fulfilling the prophecy once written and unite the lands once again.

The Worlds Ember

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