The Worlds Ember

Session 1 31/1/2016

Entering the Crypt

Charged by the leader of The Slayers Ohama, 4 recruits head to the city Fallcrest to set up a base of operations.
Shortly after their arrival the party agrees to help Rohan Resh with some vandals that have been terrorizing the The Resht-Easy Inn. Rohan tells the group that he has witnessed the vandals coming and going from a crypt just south of the city.
In exchange for information about potential allies in their cause, as well as supplies and equipment, The party leave town by the southern exit until they arrive at an abandoned looking crypt just outside the city walls.
After inspecting some tracks suggesting recent activity they enter the crypt and quickly overpower the standing guards, but not until overhearing that they were paid by another to be there.
Wondering who this external benefactor could be, the group descends lower.
After an unfortunate incident involving a wayward arrow, and Tom’Allics back that Bayel absolutely insists had nothing to do with him. They encounter a group of cultists in the middle of some kind of dark ritual, the only clue is a symbol on the wall drawn in Blood, the symbol of the Ember.
Further within, the party encounters Ghouls, a tomb that looks like somebody tried real hard to get in – or perhaps get out, and a Zombie filled room with a schematic of a building that none recognize, as well as some messages between two correspondents: Alla’Tuk, and Jamang.

There is still more secrets yet to uncover in this dark place, but for now the party rests….



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